LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

connectionsTo sell Business-to-Business services, you first need to identify qualified prospects, and then form a relationship with them.  Cold calling is ineffective.  Uninvited emails
are not opened.

Seek has developed a unique and proprietary services to leverage LinkedIn to  a bring you a virtually unlimited pool of qualified contacts.  Here is how the process goes:

Our first deliverable: A LinkedIn(r) Profile page that drives your business.

We will start you out right on LinkedIn by setting up your account, and your profile.  We have lots of experience in what works, and what does not work when you are using your LinkedIn account as a lead magnet.  If you already have an active LinkedIn account, we will review your account and let you know if it will work to modify what you have.  In many instances we will recommend a fresh start with a brand new account.  Look below at #4 to understand why this profile page is so important.

2nd deliverable: Identify your “Perfect Customer” profile.

We will help you identify the profile of the perfect customer that you want to connect with.  We can help you find that Perfect Customer using 12 different search criteria, including location, job title, company name, company size, industry, etc.  Using these tools we can refine the pool of over 500 million business people on LinkedIn into a manageable list of your “Perfect Customers”.

““Doug and the inSeek Marketing team have brought tremendous value to my company. They have generated more qualified leads for us in the last 45 days than we were able to do on our own in the last 2 years.”
David P.

3rd deliverable: 500 invitations sent weekly to your Perfect Customers resulting in at least 100 new connections.

We will grow your network by inviting only your Perfect Customers to connect with you.  We will only invite those that you already have a 2nd level connection with (meaning you already have at least one mutual connection).  We will jump start your connections by uploading a proprietary list of highly connected people that will connect with you.  You will find that around 1/5 to 1/3 of the invites that we send for you result in a new connection. The sphere of your perfect customer 2nd level connections will grow every time we are able to help you form a new connection.  Within a few weeks, you will find that you have 2nd level mutual connections with virtually your entire potential perfect customer base.   At that point, it is just a matter of time until you form profitable relationships with them.

4th deliverable: 80 views per week to your LinkedIn profile page.

When we invite your Perfect Customers to connect, you will find that about 20% of them visit your LinkedIn profile page.  This is why it is so important to get your profile page right.  These views are the most valuable “clicks” you will ever get.   Your profile page will become the landing page for these Perfect Customers to begin their journey of becoming your clients.

5th deliverable:  A short message that we will send to your new contacts inviting them to connect with you outside of LinkedIn.

This message, which will be crafted in consultation with you, will be your first direct contact with your Perfect Customers.  LinkedIn is a Social networking site. We will help you craft a non-threatening message that will nudge your Perfect Customer contacts down the road to becoming first a social contact, and then your client. This message will open the door for you to connect with these customers in the real world.  But as opposed to a cold call, or unsolicited email, you will be speaking to them as a connection, one that shares mutual friends and interests.

6th deliverable:  The contact information for your new connections.

Once a week we will create a list for you of all of your new Perfect Customer contacts.  This list will include all of the information that your new contacts share on LinkedIn, usually including their best email address, street address, and even their personal phone number.  This contact list will become your new leads list, ready for you to put into your existing sales funnel.  For a very small additional fee, we can upload your contacts directly to your CRM system, on a weekly, or even a daily basis.


How much does this complete lead generation system cost, probably a lot less than you would guess.  Go to our Pricing page for a breakdown of fees.

Need help with your sales funnel?

We can bring additional resources to bear on your sales process.  From CRM setup, to drip mail systems, all the way through in-person phone calling to set appointments, talk to us about more complete sales solutions to drive your business-to-business sales.


““Doug and the inSeek Marketing team have brought tremendous value to my company. We have generated more qualified leads in the last 45 days than the last 2 years.”
David P.